Music Video of the Day: “Go Dumb” by The Happy Fits

The Happy Fits
“Go Dumb”

No one is cancelling summer. I’m standing my ground. Sure, we’re doing what we can to fight for social justice, wearing our masks, and staying indoors as much as possible, but we’re all doing our best doing our best to avoid the tar pit of depression. The Happy Fits are here to help. The high-energy trio make a mash-up of indie rock and pop punk that you can hear in full force on their new track, “Go Dumb.” The band started as a casual summer fling before the band members went off to college, but after their debut took off on Spotify, the players dropped out of school to focus on music.

“Go Dumb” pokes fun at that history, as if opting out of college for your creative pursuits automatically makes a person dumber, and its upbeat energy is infectious. The track comes to us in prelude of the band’s new album, What Could Be Better, set for release in August. The (fun-loving) Happy Fits put out a rad music video to accompany the track. Make sure you stick with this one from start to finish to really take in the reverse narrative. You won’t be sorry.

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