New Music Alert | “All Your Cousins” by Tasneem


This new single from Toronto-based producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Tasneem offers one of the most kickback and compelling calls to revolution maybe ever. “All Your Cousins” started out as a song “about what it felt like to fall in love with someone who understands you culturally,” according to the songwriter, but grew into something much bigger.

And that’s kinda what the song sounds like. “All Your Cousins” starts off pretty stripped down with an easygoing melody. The slight ornamentation that comes in on the production end adds the general effervescence of this track. Mixed into the uplifting feeling is a sense of yearning, but it’s more than a yearning for romantic love. It’s a longing for a sense of community; one based in love and acceptance, united in the social justice revolution.

Check out the rad DIY video for “All Your Cousins” by Tasneem and then gather up your cousins because it’s time to join the peaceful revolution to a less fucked up world.

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