Music Video of the Week: “Sky Without Stars” by Vella

“Sky Without Stars”

The debut single from 17-year-old chanteuse Vella is already garnering a lot of attention. Then again, the internet already had their electronic eye aimed in the soulful songbird’s direction following some social media posts exhibiting her awesome talents. Vella was quickly signed to L3V3L Music and the artist from Tampa [FL] now has her first album set for release later this year.

Following in the tradition of artists like Janis Joplin and Joss Stone, Vella brings powerhouse vocals and stylish swagger to “Sky Without Stars.”  If I didn’t know she was seventeen, I would swear her voice was weather-beaten through years of hard living until smooth as well-aged bourbon. The result is sassy and soulful. I’m ready for this debut album. Until then, please enjoy the music video for “Sky Without Stars” from Vella and get down with your bad self.

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