3 Feisty, Sexy Bands That Live Up to Their Names…

The following bands have what may be the most un-Google-able names we’ve come across. All the more reason to gather them all in one location for your listening pleasure before your employers bust you for innocently seeking out the latest from Gay Kiss.

The Sex seethes and rages in throwback late 70s punk rock style. Female-fronted and growl-y, The Sex has a power rock feel underneath it all, capable of riling up a stadium-size crowd or bar full of degenerates all the same. Their six song, self-titled album dropped this past January. The first track “Tie You Up” sets the heart-pounding pace certain to get the blood moving to all the right places. My favorite track just might be “The Sex” (yes, by The Sex on the album titled The Sex). Singer Kate Mexal oscillates between playful and threatening in her distinctive rumble over the gritty, grinding musical power trio of guitarist Casey “Spaz” O’Brien, drummer Chadd Curry, and bassist Eric Jones.  Catch them live April 1st at Tempe Tavern opening for Break Anchor (featuring Jay Navarro of the Suicide Machines), more info here. And, you should also check out their album here.

I have a sucker spot for these lo-fi, high-style bands: I fucking love them. The Laid is one of the best examples of this species I’ve encountered in quite sometime. “Molly Duh”, the opening track from the 7-song Four Day EP released in February, immediately locked in my full attention. By the time I made it through the multitudinous “Ten18” I was yelling at Facebook for failing to provide better search options so that I could find out more about my new favorite band. “Morning Sick”, a personal favorite, hits the listener in a wistful, mirthful manner without losing any of the pensive awkwardness. Artpop in all its honest, nerdy, fun-loving glory. Laid proves you don’t have to be a sad bastard to make smart music.

This is not the soft promise of a lover’s kiss. No, this is the punch-you-in-the-face, beat-you-in-the-parking-lot-after-the-show Gay Kiss. The band’s album Fault is a screaming assault  fueled by malt liquor and unabated rage. Gay Kiss combines a variety of elements from across the hardcore spectrum underneath fiercely metal vocal stylings. Valley Metal fans should definitely take the time to check out what Gay Kiss puts out there.


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