Show Picks of the Week!!

As ever, more shows can be found above on our Upcoming Shows page. If you would like your flyer included just email it to us here:  Some great shows this week including some outside-Phoenix shows for those looking for the extra adventure! 
Tempe Starving Artist has a couple rad shows lined up for you this week… 
If you’re not catch up in decker.mania, get with it and get to a show. 
I know it might seem strange to feature both Tempe Starving Artist shows but both look amazing. And, at one show, you can see Robbie Pfeffer performing with his band Playboy Manbaby and the other night you can watch him with his other band Fun Dungeon.
There is a band called Pelvic Meatloaf in Prescott?? I am definitely going to check them out.

Cottonwood is a gem of a town. Plan a visit and stay for Former Friends of Young Americans and Couches.

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