New Electric Sounds to Magnify Your Mind Melon


Press Play

For someone like me, the first time you hear Press Play by Phoenix’s FROGEE, you’re hooked. Dubstep+House+Party Music=Success. Synth, wobble and roll baby! Lot’s of oscillations happening on this album. After opening with two all out rockers, “Can’t Control It” and “Press Play,” FROGEE gets serious with “Slender,” a minored key trance number. The action picks back up again with “The Fall of Easter Island,” while  “Fragments of Yesterday” drifts you off and into the ether. Go here and press play.

Balance of Opposites
Chris “The GIANT” Capone and Robert “Jazz” Tyner combine hiphop and jazz in the most poignant of ways. There’s more though. After listening to Balance of Opposites, you can’t help but notice the pop and indie undertones of their music. These boys got big plans, that’s evident. They’re one part in an emerging Tempe hiphop scene that is getting ever more exciting to watch. With the release of their album on Christmas Day of last year, do yourself a favor and check out their album here. You can even download it for free, a little present just for you. 


Falling Up

Are you a fan of Brian Wilson or the Dirty Projectors? Are you looking for something new? Then may I proudly suggest to you Falling Up, Filardo’s latest release. Although he may currently reside in Los Angeles, Falling Up was written, recorded and mastered right here in Arizona. Quite honestly, there are too many instruments and sounds to count on this album, all delivered by Filardo himself. From the sunshine pop of “The Shed Months” polka-like romp to the minimal keyboards in “I’m Over Breaking Hearts,” Filardo takes you on a musical journey that covers all spectra. Listen here.


by Mark Anderson

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