Best EP For All Your Earthly Pursuits: Orogens by Where Are All the Buffalo?

This year’s EP from Where Are All the Buffalo? is a terrestrial affair, and the band isn’t shy about it. “Orogen” is a geological term relating to the upheaval that forms mountains. “ Kwiaty Są Piękne,” the opener’s title, translates to “Flowers Are Beautiful” in Polish.

What makes this EP special isn’t just the earthly imagery (as beautiful as it is). What keeps bringing us back are the bittersweet observations of the people behind the aforementioned upheaval. Beyond the title, the changes aren’t geological, they’re emotional. Songwriter Kristina Moore never loses sight of the little things that can set off a new epoch . The last line of the EP is “I hope he knows how much I loved him so.”

We’re proud to highlight “Orogens” as one of the great Arizona releases this year. Give it a listen. It will help guide you through nature, whether environmental or human.

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