TKLB?! at Long Wongs Tempe

Last Friday, TKLB? closed out their month-long Friday night residency at Long Wong’s with a bang. Sister Lip, The Woodworks, The Gentlemen Ether, Playboy Manbaby, and The Insects joined in the festivities. Contributing photographer Fernando Begay was there to capture the action. 
Ariel Monet, drummer for Sister Lip, always gives her all for every performance. She broke so many drum sticks that people started placing them next to the business cards as a souvenir.
Robbie Pfeffer, of Rubber Brother Records, made an appearance with his band Playboy Manbaby.
The Woodworks joined the bill. They’re about to drop a new album later this week (Feb. 7th).
Long Wong’s in Tempe, an institution.
Everyone at the show either came with or made a friend. Every corner of Long Wong’s not filled with music buzzed with conversation.
The Gentlemen Ether started out the night and each member dressed to impress.
Ariel’s broken drumsticks.
The Insects bringing some heavy beats to Long Wong’s that can be heard from the outside.
Dumps provides artist accompaniment in The Insects.
One of Long Wong’s finest who can be always seen fixing the sound board.
Dj Stoner surrounded by his throne of sounds and lights. What’s amazing about Dj Stoner is his ability to bring a chorus melody into the sound and it absolutely fits in.
Sister Lip showing some affection and working on their band bond. 
Pictorial by Contributing Photographer
Fernando Begay