Radio Phoenix Podcast: Nerdzerker

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At the beginning of August, Nerdzerker joined us in the Radio Phoenix studio at the Phoenix Center for the Arts for some rowdy shenanigans and punk rock listening. OK, maybe the shenanigans weren’t that rowdy, but the music sure was. Check out the complete playlist below and catch up on the impending album, Skeletor’s home life, and Jackson Bollox’s three girlfriends (his guitars)…

Complete Playlist:

Nerdzerker “Jurassic Fart”

Sad Kid ” No Cops”

Nobunny “I am a Girflfriend”

Diarrhea Planet “Kids”

Andy Warpigs “Ego Death”

Jeff the Brotherhood “I Don’t Need Your Tas-t”

Nerdzerker “Egg Raid on Mojo”

Man Hands “In Exile”

JFA “Cokes and Snickers”

Scorpion vs. Tarantula “Don’t Waste My Rock N Roll”

Cerebral Ballzy “Cutting Class”

Bob Log III “Log Bomb”

Skull Drug  “Naive”

Fathers Day  “Clean Your Room”

The Mental Code “Mudflap Boy”


Recorded live on August 3, 2016


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