7 Fresh Hiphop Singles

7 fresh 000Bodega Dream


Bodega Dream fuses psychedelic indie rock and old school hiphop on their politically charged single, “Polaroids”. The Brooklyn-based quartet originally from Miami contains some rather talented players. Darion Ray Kelley spits the pensive lyrics with a slightly aggressive air that reflects the current societal malaise many of us feel while the supporting musicality is vibrantly yet subtlety layered to draw the listener deep within. “Polaroids” is the second single from the band’s sophomore effort, EP 2. Give the new single by Bodega Dream a listen below…

Sidizen King

“Stuck in the Middle”

Relationships are funny. In fact, I could spend days (weeks, years) regaling you with humorous tales of my own blissful union, but this isn’t about me. Instead, I give you “Stuck in the Middle” from Sidizen King out of Los Angeles. It’s a He-Wants/She-Wants tale with an unexpected turning of the tables, all set to a slick beat and delivered in Sidizen King’s fluid, fun flow. Sidizen King just debuted his sound in 2016 and already he’s earned some notable accolades (including hitting #1 on HypeMachine twice last year). And it looks like he’s ready for another hit with “Stuck in the Middle”. Give the single a spin below…



The Chicago rapper known as Woes teamed up with Des Martin (bass) and Aaron Black (guitar) to give shape to “Blood”. The 2017 single hits hard with its raw, introspective lyrics, around which the song is built. Woes really stands out as a songwriter on “Blood” and gets personal about witnessing the trials faced by aging loved ones. Rather than going for a rap-rock style, the music on “Blood” has more of a traditional hiphop feel with the instrumentation standing in place of the usual beat/samples for a fresh sound. This single comes to us from Woes’ s/t 3-track release which dropped earlier this month. Give Woes a listen, but first, delve into “Blood” below…



Now, I don’t really go in for the misogynistic HipHop (and we get A LOT of those singles sent in), so don’t get prematurely dismissive over the title of this track. D’Meetri offers listeners a chill single that encourages a stiff-upper-lip attitude and discourages bitching about the problems in your life. Yeah, it’s that kind of “Bitch” and I really couldn’t think of a better time in history for this talk-off. We could all use a little more personal empowerment and a little less kvetching. “Bitch” also has a witty slant to the lyrics that really sold me on that first listen. Give the new single from D’Meetri (and produced by Nicolas Ludwig) a listen below…



The NYC music collective known as Foursix recently dropped this laid back single appropriately titled, “Chill”. Those last few minutes before your grrrl (or guy) shows up for a romantic evening can be a brutal test of one’s patience, but I suggest just putting on this track so “Chill” can mellow you out while setting the mood. This single introduces producer and Foursix co-founder Jahnei on vocals along with Payso and Coach Wave. Check out “Chill” from Foursix below. If you dig “Chill”, I suggest checking out the collection from whence it came: 3016  which dropped on the 10th and its packed with ten tracks featuring the talents of the Foursix crew, including “Chill”.

Complex Theory


The Chicago emcee known as Complex Theory cites influences as wide reaching as Wu Tang Clan and Sam Cooke. On his latest single, “Ambition”, Complex Theory reflects on some of the musical artists that inspired him to shape out his own sound. “Ambition” comes to us from Complex Theory’s sophomore release, 1 Day You’ll Understand, which is available through Soundcloud here. Give the single a spin below…

Mister Wise

“Man of Orange”

I have to be honest here. The Donald Trump diss tracks have been flowing in every day since that shitshow of an inauguration happened. However, it was Mister Wise’s “Man of Orange” that really stood out for its wry humor and thinly veiled aggression. Mister Wise outta Virginia keeps the beat simple and the focus on the sharp lyricism. Although, the most intense lines are often direct quotes. Now, that’s frightening. Give “Man of Orange” from Mister Wise a listen below and don’t lose sight of the struggle.

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