Best Album of 2018: ‘Adversary’ by Blood Feud Family Singers

When it comes to what we love most about The Blood Feud Family Singers, it’s a difficult toss up between the heartbreak in Daryl Scherrer’s voice or his songwriting. Either is libel to kill you with heavy sorrows and second-hand smoke.

That’s not to say, you’re predestined for a good cry when you hit play on Adversary. No, there’s plenty of mettle mixed in with the persistent depression, which is actually the only way I, personally, take my depression. The hurt feels hard-won and the vehicle of its delivery is a stunning, smoky Desert Noir, complete with murder ballads, lost loves, and road stories.

If you haven’t checked out Adversary by The Blood Feud Family Singers, do it now. You can also check out our “For the Record ” review of the album, including a Q&A with songwriter Daryl Scherrer.

Head out to Last Exit Live on Monday, February 4, to witness The Blood Feud Family Singers as they provide local support for Dead Winter Carpenters. More on that here.

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