Best EP 2018: Bangers Ball by Weird Radicals

bangers ball 01I have to admit. This one took me by surprise. Not the award; the EP itself. It totally came out of my left-field and smacked me in the face. And, I wasn’t the only one down here at YabYum that reported this strange phenomena.

Sure, we’d heard of Weird Radicals. We even acknowledged an early single as one of our “Best of 2016” but in no way were we prepared. Then WHAM! Bangers Ball hits us all like a narrowly missed train. Please understand, we like to call out artists for being rad before that special, banging release establishes that as solid truth. You know, to predict the heavy hitters on the local circuit.

And then this. Hell, we didn’t even cover the September release until December.

That sort of thing happens here, but Bangers Ball is special and it deserves special attention. Weird Radicals was one of our most requested artists on our weekly Radio Phoenix show and that, thankfully, made certain we didn’t let this one slip by unacknowledged like oh-so-many other artists out there.

Catch Weird Radicals with STRANGE LOT and PART TIME this Sunday, January 13, at the Crescent Ballroom. More info here.