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prizefighitng kangaroo episode 08

Episode 08: The Best of 2018

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Prizefighting Kangaroo
Episode 08: The Best of 2018

The team at Prizefighting Kangaroo loves when the year comes to an end so they can ramble on about what blew their minds over the past 12 months. And also to dish a little on what simply blew. From blockbusters to indie treasures, the duo reaches into their mixed bag to pull out multiple titles for the conversational chopping block…

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ajj 700

Best Reprisal: ‘Ugly Spiral: Lost Works 2012​-​2016’ by AJJ

AJJ is a PHX institution and a YabYum staff favorite so it’s no surprise they’re popping up on our end of the year favorites. Except, this year, the band released a collection of “Lost Works” which seemed like it might just be a random smattering of dusty B-sides and perhaps even, dear gawd, lofi live tracks. But, as tried-and-true AJJ fans, we dismissed our doubts with faith that this folk/punk (not folk-punk) act would not let us down with some commercial stint. No, no, not AJJ…

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