Best Show of 2018: CRISPYFEST at The Trunk Space


Okay, so there were a lot of really wonderful live events that happened in the Valley throughout last year, but the surprising standout was definitely CRISPYFEST at The Trunk Space. Sadly, the event was to celebrate the end of Exxxtra Crispy; a local favorite of party rockers everywhere. Our own Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen was on-hand (along with our editors and some other folx from the YabYum team) to commemorate the passing of Exxxtra Crispy and you can check out his original review of the event here. To round out the festivities, Exxxtra Crispy was joined by a bang-up bill that included Hesperus, The Aquatic Hitchhiker, Sad Dance Party, Dadadoh, TOSO, and Fairy Bones. If you missed this event, you missed out BIG TIME. I’d say better luck next time, but Exxxtra Crispy is no more so you’re flat out of luck.

Check out Exxxtra Crispy’s final album, ONLY PO$ERS DIE, released the same night as CRISPYFEST below…

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