October 2013 in Review

Mondo Twang for the Sophisticated Listener… a podcast from Jason Woodbury and Shane Kennedy.
Full Steam Ahead to Lee Davis’ STEAM CHUNK
w/ Related Records and Topaz. 

Music Videos
from Sun Ghost, The Thin Bloods, Clay Dudash, Black Carl, and Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers… 
Three Albums to Check Out: Celebration Guns, Chandails, Dirt Moon

Five Projects Worth Funding: Dia de los Muertos PHX Festival, Greenwood Sidee, Dead Ringer, The Sting Chronicles, Murrieta

5 Eclectic (and Amazing) Singles: Numb Bats, Muscle, Pocket Leaf, Kokopelli, Monty O’blivion

Artistas de Phoenix: Frank Ybarra, Monica Robles, Joe Ray, Hugo Medina
Music Videos: Emby Alexander, Fairy Bones, Myrlin, The Wavelengths, Nate Fredrick
5 Albums to Get Excited About: Dry River Yacht Club, The Hill in Mind, Stephen Steinbrink, Mouse Powell
Live Music… Sorta: The Prowling Kind, Sara Robinson & the Midnight Specials, Numb Bats, Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers, The Thin Bloods
Playboy Manbaby Halloween House Show with Twin Ponies and Instructions

3 Ways to Get Your Funk On: Hexs and Miranda, The Stakes, The Hourglass Cats