February Recap

3 Rad New Punk Albums w/ The Rebel Set, JJCnV, Joe Arpaio & the Bumblebees
YabYum Music & Arts Hour PODCAST from December (for January’s show, keep scrolling) 
Tucson Knows What the Folk is Going On, Or 3 New Albums w/ Clay Dudash, Jillian Bessett, & Human Behavior

4 Stellar Singles w/ The Woodworks, American Longspurs, Electrisad, & Hair Cut
YabYum Music & Arts Podcast from Jan. 24th w/ Rubber Brother Records

5 New & Eclectic Albums w/ Dirt Moon, Banshee Speak, Green Line Operator, The Bleep-Bloops, & Elder Basin
6 Fabu Singles w/ Dogbreth, Banana Gun, Drive-By Dunk, Signals, Celebration Guns, & Kathryn Rose
5 Stellar Singles w/ decker., The Madera Strand, Gabriel Sullivan, Brain Child, & Brooke Lynn
3 Strange & Wondrous HipHop Experiences w/ Calculus Man, Earth Born, & Gross Boy
3 Totally Unexpected Albums w/ Leonardo DiCapricorn, Serene Dominic, & Old Jack City
5 Stellar Singles w/ Mess, Banana Gun, TK and the Irresistibles, Hi My Name Is Ryan, & The Chris Light Quartet
Music Videos for the Month:
Fairy Bones “Anything” 
Captain Squeegee “Inevitable”
The Haymarket Squares “Anything”
The Venomous Pinks “Never Say Never”
Hexs and Miranda “I Don’t Know”
The Prowling Kind “Melted Together” 
Calabrese “There is an Evil Inside”
Lost in Atlantis “Hypnotic” 
Safewerd “Beats” 
Emby Alexander “Creepers [Kid Cudi Cover]”
Human Behavior “The Wolf It Is”
Jillian Bessett “Villanelle”
The Wavelengths “Don’t Wanna” 
Drive By Dunk “Taking Time”
Marianne Dissard “Am Letzen”