The 2013 Awards Recap

decker. Slider
Mark – Calexico Spiritoso
Lenore – There is Danger Living Dreams
Frank – The Haymarket Squares Righteous Ruckus
Mike – Dry River Yacht Club El Tigre
Miguel – Playboy Manbaby Obsessive Repulsive
Of the Painted Choir Of the Painted Choir
Jeff Gonzales
Jared & the Mill Western Expansion
Fairy Bones
Ann Seletos & Lonna Kelly of Cherie Cherie
Rubber Brother Records
The Haymarket Squares, Michael David Little, Cherie Cherie, Fayuca, Man Hands, Tierra Firme, Former Friends of Young Americans, The Modeens, Captain Squeegee, Hug of War, Sundressed, The Zoo Incident
North Brother Island
Dana Stern of JJCnV, Jackie Cruz of Man Hands, and Dusty Rose of Shovel
Sidepony Express Music Festival
Playboy Manbaby
The Modeens, Acorn Bcorn, Steff & the Articles, Otherly Love, Burning Palms
Where Are All the Buffalo? Orogens
Northern Hustle
Treasure Mammal at Trunk Space
Tony B. Ramone of Tierra Firme
The SunPunchers Honey
Bragg’s Pie Factory, Ollie Vaughn’s, Mamma Toledo’s
HotRock SupaJoint
Beatrice Moore
Sister Lip
Bogan Via / Freddie Paull – “Kanye”
Sara Robinson & the Midnight Specials / Matty Steinkamp – “Down by the Water”
Hexs & Miranda / Michael Cardoza – “Down”
Future Loves Past – “Grow Up Tall”
Mergence – “The Nerve”
Michelle Blades / Chloé Bourgès – “Lava Boy”
Wolvves – “Live Forever”
Human Behavior / MJ Watz – “Crag”
decker. / Matty Steinkamp – “Killing Me” & “Weight in Gold Pt. 2”
Brian Lopez / Gary Dumbill – “Monjuic”
Emby Alexander / Trevvor Riley – “Drag the Long Way Home”
The Venue Awards: 
The Trunk Space (with help from the Bikini Lounge)
Last Exit Live
The Rogue Bar
Thanks to all the bands, artists, musicians, writers, venues, directors, designers and bar owners for continuing to make Arizona a great place for the arts. And a HUGE thanks to our readers who, in fact, make all this worth the while.
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