2014 Awards Recap!!!

2014 Awards RecapHere is the complete list of 2014 Awards!!

Miss Congeniality: Andy Warpigs

andy title

Best Album to Jumpstart Your Existential Crisis: Christmas Island by Andrew Jackson Jihad

Best Comeback: Billy Sedlmayr

Most Committed Crew: The Trunk Space

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Hardest Working Musician: Dan Tripp

Best Eternal Summer Album: Lawnchair’s EP

Best Electronic Album: Fresh As It Gets by Robots With Rayguns

Top 5 Punk Albums of 2014Lenguas Largas, The Linecutters, Alvie & the Breakfast Pigs, Nerdzerker, JJCnV

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Best Hunt: NXOEED

Favorite Rabble Rousers: Travis James & the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists

travis james featured

Top 10 Singles of 2014

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Dark Horse Award: Copper & Congress

The Art Scene Queen: Daniel Funkhouser


Best Swan Song: Of the Painted Choir

Best Quinquennial: Banana Gun

YabYum - Arizona Music Blog

Show of the Year: The Indie 500

Top 3 Retro Revamped Records: The Wavelengths, Samuel L Cool J, Whiskey Kiss

Top 10 Album CoversAndrew Jackson Jihad, Diners, Robots with Rayguns, Nova Joven, Field Tripp, French Girls, Banana Gun, Murrieta, Yus, Andy Warpigs


Bands We Want to Steal from Tucson: Burning Palms, Chicha Dust, Prom Body

The Record Execs: James Fella of Gilgongo Records & Ryan Avery of Related Records


Most Likely to Succeed: Head Over Heart

Best Americana Album: The Filthier Things by Hasty Escape

Songwriter of the Year: Justin Moody

Top 3 Pop Albums: Stephen Steinbrink, Diners, Future Loves Past

top pop 2014

Top 20 Videos: The Prowling Kind, Futuristic, Prom Body, Burning Palms, Captain Squeegee, The Thin Bloods, Samuel L Cool J, Playboy Manbaby, No Volcano, Blanche Beach, Luna Aura, Katterwaul, Head Over Heart, Boss Frog, The Haymarket Squares, Diners, YUS

top 20 videos 00

Top 3 Psychedelic Albums: The Woodworks, Wooden Indian, The Psychedelephantspsychedelic 00

The Songbird: Laura Kepner-Adney

Best New Band: Leonardo DiCapricorn

Best Live Bands: Fathers Day, Jerusafunk, Wolvves

 Album of the YearElectric Babyman by Playboy Manbaby

Playboy Manbaby - YabYum - Arizona Music Blog

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